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Our Philosophy

“We create a world of wonder with hope, comprehensive support, and education so every person can discover their God-given destiny.”

The purpose of The Millard School is to operate as an independent Christian school that believes that each child deserves the chance to learn and grow in a joyful atmosphere that nourishes their faith, social, emotional, physical and academic growth. The Millard School is not only an education; it’s an experience, one that will last a lifetime.

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart,
and with all your soul and with all your mind.”

Matthew 22:37


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Students will become

life-long learners by:

  • Maintaining a desire to always obtain more knowledge and experience. 

  • Using Technology appropriately and responsibly.

  • Appreciating and participating in all areas of knowledge.

    • Bible​

    • Language Arts

    • Science

    • History

    • Math

    • Fine Arts

  • Knowing how to think both critically and logically to determine the best solution to any problem.

  • Being academically prepared for the future.


Students will learn the importance of integrity and understand stewardship by:

  • Using his/her God-given gifts to serve and care for others.

  • Respecting others, without discrimination of age, race, culture, and/or faith.

  • Understanding Bible stories, including the gospel, and know how to spread that message to others.

  • Demonstrating abilities of communication through writing, speaking, reading, and listening.

  • Working well with others in both large and small groups by using interpersonal skills.

  • Developing and demonstrating a biblical worldview and operating in that perspective.

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Students will learn about the Bible and learn how to apply Christian values:

  • Use a biblical perspective to solve problems of everyday life.

  • Appreciate and understand who God is and his love for us through the life and death of His Son, Jesus Christ.

  • Are able to defend his/her own faith.

  • Practice spiritual disciplines: being involved in a church, praying, studying the Bible.

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Students will learn about value, worth, self-control, and integrity:

  • Accept his/her own worth as God's creation.

  • Maintain self-control of his/her own attitude and behavior.

  • Take care of God's creation and His blessings to us.

  • Behave courteously and graciously in winning and losing.

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