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Laine Hughes

Recess Monitor & Basketball Coach


A Bit About Me

After graduating from Lewis County High School I went to Kentucky Christian College, and Morehead State University studying both Business and Emergency Management.  From There  I worked six years as an EMT before taking a role in our family business.  


As a basketball coach, I have coached at the high school and middle school level for 9 seasons before accepting The Millard School head coaching job and starting a basketball program from the ground up.     


You can also find me working as a sports official in three different sports. As a fifteen-year basketball official, I have been selected to work the KHSAA Sweet Sixteen, The All A Classic State Tournament, along with multiple regional and district assignments.   As a football official, I currently work as a Referee in KHSAA and working my way up to college ranks with plans of working as a white hat this upcoming season in the Mid-South Football Conference.  As a six-year high school football official, I have been selected every season for the postseason and have worked up to the state semifinals in 2019.  In two baseball seasons, I have been selected to work in both a region and district tournament.


The thing I like most about working at The Millard School is the opportunity to be a leader in our youth lives while working in a Christ-based facility.  Being in a place where we can teach our young kids to be active, using activities to show how our actions can be done in an image of God through being humble, a good sport, and a positive light for others' lives to look up to.


“This is my command—be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord, your God is with you wherever you go.”


-Joshua 1:9-

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